Medical Marijuana

Earlier this summer the Planning Board met with a Bolton resident interested in establishing a medical marijuana facility in Bolton. On September 11, the Planning Board will meet with another interested party. If a formal application is eventually filed the Board would process it just like any other business application. It would go through the Special Permit process with the Planning Board and Site Plan review with the Board of Selectmen.

Currently the State of Massachusetts has received 181 applications with 14 of them for Worcester County. Click here to read the full article:

In another article which appeared in the Telegram and Gazette on March 17, 2013.  the police chief is quoted as saying:

There seem to be two types of people here — those who know of the dispensary and are proud of being on the forefront of the medical marijuana movement, and those who were unaware such a business was located in town. 

“Put simply, it is as though they don’t exist,” Police Chief Roger P. Beaupre said when asked if the police have responded to any incidents at the dispensary or if marijuana use in the city has increased because of its presence. 

And lastly here is another article about a medical dispensary located in Biddeford Maine. The owner is quoted as saying:

Those who come to Canuvo are patients, not customers or clients. They are patients with medical conditions ranging from cancer to seizures and from AIDS to ALS. They are young adults, working-class men, middle-aged women and even grandmothers who seek treatment from Canuvo. The average age of his patient is 45. 

“They are at the end of their rope,” Mr. Peterson said, adding that medical marijuana is closer to the last resort than their first option. “There are on so many prescriptions. OxyContin is not a solution. They come to us. They don’t know what to think. Many are hesitant. They consult with us. When you advocate for your own health, you change you life around. People are more active, they are moving, they are eating better. They are changing their lives and don’t have to walk around in a pharmaceutical haze.” 

To read the full article click her:

What do you think about medical marijuana?

Jennifer Burney, Town Planner

About Southborough Town Planner

I am the Town Planner for the Town of Southborough MA
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