Planning Board Warrant Articles for Town Meeting 2013

The Planning Board has 8 warrant articles on for the 2013 May Town Meeting. If you couldn’t make the February 13 Public Hearing here is a quick summary:

Article 12: creates a new term for the Use Table: A sports facility. When Future Electronics was empty the Board thought a great use of the space would be a sports facility. When they reviewed the Use Table they quickly discovered that this wasn’t an allowed use. Since that time the Future Electronics space was occupied by Paragon but the Board felt it could be appropriate in other areas of Town as well. 

Article 13: Currently the Business District does not allow an outdoor use component, however the Limited Business District does. The Board felt it was appropriate to also allow an outdoor use to the Business District. This article creates the language for this use. Article 14 will actually amend the Use Table. 

Article 14: This article amends the Use Table allowing outdoors uses in the Business District by Special Permit. 

Article 15: the table of uses has a Commercial District although Bolton doesn’t even have a commercial district. It does have a limited business, business, and industrial district. The next article removes the language from the bylaw. 

Article 16: This article removes the commercial district from the Use Table.

Article 17: This Wireless Bylaw hasn’t been amended since it was first created in the 1990’s (except a few years ago to create an overlay district). The current bylaw requires a Special Permit for minor modifications such as antenna swaps, ground equipment replacement etc… This article amends the Bylaw to comply with the recent Federal Telecommunications Act which doesn’t require a Special Permit for modifications that do not expand the height of the tower or expand the ground equipment.

Article 18: Creates definitions related to the Wireless Bylaw.

Article 19: This is the Planning Board’s final article and creates a Barn, Stable and Carriage House Preservation Bylaw with the purpose of preserving structures built before 1925. It would allow accessory  apartments as well as certain accessory uses such as artisan studios or an antique shop.

To read the articles in detail please click here:

See you at Town Meeting!

Jennifer Burney

Town Planner



About Southborough Town Planner

I am the Town Planner for the Town of Southborough MA
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