Town Meeting

At last night’s Town Meeting, the Village Overlay was defeated. Opponents made a motion to remove the Salt Box from the Village Overlay which was approved. The amended article that did not include the Salt Box was then defeated. Also, the citizen’s petition for the Kane’s was defeated. What does that all mean now?

There are many options:
1)  The Planning Board could decide to bring the Article back to the next Town Meeting.

2) The Kane’s could request a Special Permit for a commercial development that would be approximately 40,000 SF. They could also do a Mixed Use 40B which could allow for a mix of residential and commercial. Or they could take the offer up on the suggestion of a Development Agreement. Many of the details such as lot coverage, number of buildings, sizes of building, building envelop, parking, and allowed uses are agreed on prior to Town Meeting. The development agreement would be voted on at town meeting followed by a vote on a zoning change. The Town of Berlin has done this for 3 of their developments (the mall, Highland Commons and the mixed use project by Pure Hockey).

3) The Salt Box folks could renovate the building, they could demolish and rebuild a building or they too could entertain the idea of a development agreement.

As far as other Planning Board articles, the fast food articles, the base map and solar bylaw will be voted on tonight.

Other articles include the Local Historic District.

Hope to see you tonight at Town Meeting. 7:00pm at the Highschool.

And thanks to the Planning Board members, especially to Chairman Doug Storey who worked so hard on the bylaws. I’d also like to thank the Economic Development Committee who supported the village overlay.


Jennifer Burney, Town Planner


About Southborough Town Planner

I am the Town Planner for the Town of Southborough MA
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