National Chains Conform to Design Guidelines

As you know the Town of Bolton adopted Design Guidelines at the 2011 Town Meeting. The Goal of Design Guidelines is so that new buildings and renovations be of a design similar to or compatible with traditional architecture in the Town of Bolton in terms of scale, massing, roof shape, spacing and exterior materials. the design standards are intended to promote quality development consistent with the Town’s sense of history, human scale and pedestrian-oriented village character.

A Design Advisory Team was appointed by the Planning Board to review commercial projects in Bolton.

I thought I would share with you some National Chains conforming to Towns that have design guidelines in place. I am not promoting chains or suggesting that they come to Bolton. I am only pointing out that if a national chain really wants to be located in a town they will conform.

Harvard MA - Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins


Harvard Ma


Wayland CVS

Westborough Dunkin Donuts (only sign visable)

Westborough Dunkin Donuts with professional office space on second floor

Berlin Ma - Dunkin Donuts and Shell Gas Station