I found this interesting rendering on a website and thought I would share. Although quite dense and probably for more of an urban setting it utilizes many of the elements that the planning board is trying to achieve in its proposed village overlay zoning. To read up on the proposed bylaw visit:

Function: The center serves the immediate neighborhood. It is located on a major thoroughfare. The center may contain neighborhood-serving commercial and office spaces such as a gas station/convenience store, small shops, and offices.

Scale: The village center is one block in length. Commercial and office uses are located on both sides of the street. The surrounding neighborhood is primarily two- to three-story residential single-family houses. Apartments will be located in converted older homes.

Design Schematic: Small Village/Neighborhood Center.

Land Uses: Existing buildings are renovated, and new mixed-use infill is added within the block to permit retail on the first floor with office and commercial uses on the second and third levels.

Traffic: On-street parking is added during off-peak hours. An articulated crosswalk in brick identifies the area as “pedestrian friendly” and is a reminder to motorists to slow their speed.

Parking: Off-street parking is added to the rear of the buildings. The parking is paved and well lighted. Retail stores have rear entrances to encourage patrons to utilize the parking lots.

Buildings: New buildings in the village center are not set back and must have 75% glass on the first floor to create visual attractiveness. Awnings, canopies, and other façade improvements are encouraged for existing buildings. Residential uses are permitted on the second floor of the commercial buildings.

Streetscape: An area identity is created by careful use of plant materials, lighting, street furniture, and signage.



About Southborough Town Planner

I am the Town Planner for the Town of Southborough MA
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